Andhra Pradesh Sustainable Development Goals Dashboard


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent the world’s vision for a more prosperous, peaceful, and equitable future. In 2015, all member states of the United Nations (UN) came together and adopted a framework of 17 goals and 169 targets to be achieved before the end of 2030. Over the next fifteen years, countries will mobilize efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities, and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind. The SDGs build on the success of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and aim to go further to end all forms of poverty.

India has adopted the SDG framework and is committed to achieving the goals by 2030. Andhra Pradesh has aligned its development agenda with SDGs and is on its path to achieve most of the goals by 2022. This dashboard presents snapshots of the current status, past trends, targets for future, and national and global comparisons at the state and district levels.

To categorise the districts of Andhra Pradesh based on their performance in achieving SDG outcomes, this dashboard follows the methodology adopted by NITI Aayog in its SDG India Index – Baseline Report 2018. The districts are categorized into four – achievers, frontrunners, performers, and aspirants based on their progress in SDG achievement. State and district-level values of the indicators identified by NITI Aayog have been presented, wherever data are available. Additional indicators have been adopted from the state’s statistical system.

This first version of the dashboard will be improved over the coming months, with the inclusion of data points which are currently missing and disaggregation of data.