Andhra Pradesh Sustainable Development Goals Dashboard

Krishna - SDG Dashboard

This interactive dashboard presents the current levels of achievement, progress, trends, and targets of Andhra Pradesh in its journey towards achieving the SDGs. This dashboard consists of 212 indicators in the state’s SDG monitoring framework. Each district and the state as a whole are assigned a score for each SDG, following normalization of indicators values under each goal. NITI Aayog’s categorization of the states into four categories – achievers, front runners, performers, and aspirants, is adopted to categorise the districts based on their overall score taking into account all SDGs. .. More

Districs are Classified into four based on their overall score accounting for all SDGs. Move the pointer over the districts to view their score.

The wheel indicates the current level of achievement under each SDG, relative to the final goal. The closer an SDG’s spoke is to 100, the close it is to achieving all the targets under it. Move the pointer over the spikes for the score.